Orthotic treatment for Sports Injuries

Sporting injuries are often an inevitable consequence of pushing yourself to reach your goals and aspirations. Whilst good targeted physiotherapy can alleviate most symptoms, orthotics can help compliment the physiotherapy or provide additional correction.

Even the slightest imbalance can leave the lower limbs vulnerable to stress and injury when participating in sport that would not be harmful or detectable under usual circumstances. With the right treatment however, Orthoses can align the foot structure once again and make exercise more mechanically and energy efficient. The right orthotic design is dependent upon your sport and it is imperative that you treating clinician understands the activity when completing your assessment so that all aspects of your activity and in particular, when and where you experience problems are taken into account.

If you’ve injured yourself, you will probably notice pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, and restricted movement or stiffness in the affected area immediately. Sometimes, you may only notice these symptoms several hours after exercising or playing sports.

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