Lycra Garments

Dynamic movement orthoses, commonly known as “Lycra” is another form of specialist treatment when there is a neurological impairment. Since 2006 Synergy Orthotic Clinical Services have been successfully using Lycra which can improve proprioception for improved positioning of different body parts.

We believe that in certain cases of neurological impairment stabilising a limb dynamically has better therapeutic effects than stabilising from the use of fixed position splints or ‘boning’ inserted into other garments. The dynamic approach aims to reduce rather than prevent movement in one direction whilst encouraging movement in the favoured direction to control the limb in order to improve function. The fit of Lycra is very snug which encourages improved proprioception to the joints that are affected and helps promote the movement required. This in turn improves the awareness of the limb and therefore the function.

For the treatment of: