Orthotic treatment for Children

Foot related problems that affect mobility can be hugely traumatic for children if it means they’re missing out on activities with their friends and at school. If your child suffers with foot related problems it could affect their mobility and ability to partake in the same everyday activities as their classmates. This can make it difficult for them to build relationships and will no doubt have a huge impact on their confidence.

Sometimes the symptoms experienced are simply ‘growing pains’ and it can be difficult for you as a parent to know. It’s common for your child to be referred for a knee problem when it’s felt that the main reason for this pain is the foot. In some cases, insoles aren’t even required and it’s simply a case of offering footwear advice, exercises and more importantly, peace of mind.

Together we can help prescription an appropriate Orthosis for your child based on:

  • The symptoms they experience
  • Footwear used at school
  • When the symptoms occur (it may only be during P.E while wearing sportswear)
  • Whether or not the foot is flexible and correctable
  • The forces causing the problems to your child’s feet
  • A family history of foot problems

The type of Orthosis for your child will be discussed at great length with you in their appointment to allow you to understand exactly what your options are and to assist you in making an informed decision for their care.