About us and our clinical partners

SYNERGY Orthotics provides an Expert Witness reports and orthotic treatment.

Our clinicians can treat you as part of a multidisciplinary team or independently delivering an outstanding service, based on high quality clinical care, innovative technologies to produce quality orthoses for your individual treatment.

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Our Clinicians have the following qualifications:

  • MSc Clinical Biomechanics
  • PgCert Musculo Skeletal Diagnosis
  • BSc (Hons) Prosthetics and Orthotics

Our Clinicians have relevant experience in:

  • Gait analysis – Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Sports Injuries
  • Brain Injury Management
  • Lycra Garments
  • Specialist Footwear
  • AFOs and KAFOs (“Splints”)

Who can benefit from our services?

Whilst Orthotic treatment is available on the NHS in the UK, our orthotists work with clients who would either:

  • like to supplement their NHS treatment
  • prefer to be seen privately at their convenience
  • explore options that are possibly not available via the NHS

We also work with Embassy’s to assist their Nationals who do not have access to this specialist service in their own country.

To see if you could benefit from orthotics, click here for a list of pathologies we routinely treat

We also work with the following partners:

www.physio4kids.co.uk Steve has worked with Lynda and her team since 2006 jointly treating children’s and young adults.

www.bloomsburyhealthcentre.co.uk Our new London based facilities working in partnership with a range of practitioners

www.blatchford.co.uk are our preferred supplier of bespoke products